synthite aggregates

Synthite® is a 100% recycled, synthetically processed, and chemically inert coloured aggregate engineered for high performance in environments where coloured aggregates must be resistant to skidding abrasion and must retain a high colour definition when exposed to the heaviest of trafficking and wear.

Unlike traditional colour coated quarried aggregates, Synthite® aggregates possess a unique, internal clear matrix which allows the specialist colouring process to be reflected through the internal matrix ensuring a bright, vibrant and vivid colour effect when subjected to wear and abrasion.

The skid resistant and colour retention properties of the Synthite® aggregate make it the natural choice for resin and cementitious based surfacing systems for highways and flooring applications ensuring long term colour retention & eliminating the need for additional coloured coatings and sealers that ultimately fade and wear.

Synthite is also known as SynCrete in the UK.

Colours Available

Available in a kaleidoscope of various pastel and metallic colours and finishes Synthite may be graded as required to suit individual projects or requirements and specialist colour matching and specific grading sizing are available on request.

Synthite Colour Range

Synthite Colour Chart AS2700 S – 1996

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Omnicrete advises that Synthite aggregates are supplied exclusively by Omnicrete Pty Ltd.  Customers should be aware that there are several generic copies available in the international market place that may look similar in appearance and hence clients are encouraged to obtain an Omnicrete Batch Certification of Authenticity prior to use or installation.   

If you are in any doubt about the source of your coloured aggregate please contact our technical department via e-mail on [email protected]