OmniGrip HF

OMNIGRIP HF is a high friction surface treatment (HFST) which is a veneer overlay applied to asphalt and / or concrete roads and highways to improve surface friction and resulting in decreased braking distances and threshold impact speeds in emergency situations.

Comprised of a thermosetting modified compound which exhibits plastoelastic properties the OMNIGRIP HF system is engineered to hold high PSV aggregate permanently in position so that it doesn’t become embedded or displaced under the heaviest of braking ensuring consistently high skid resistance and reduced braking distances over the design life of the system.

Upon curing the OMNIGRIP HF system is resistant to all road contaminates including oil, petrol and de-icing salts with excellent adhesion to asphalt and concrete surfaces.

The Benefits

  • High Friction – SRV > 70
  • Increased Surface Texture
  • Up to 33% Reduction in Vehicle Braking Distances
  • Reduced Threshold Braking Speeds
  • Fuel & Oil Resistant
  • Accident Reduction
  • Concrete / Asphalt Surfaces


A VicRoads Study of 23 high friction sites across Melbourne and Geelong between 2005 and 2008 resulted in a 39% reduction of overall accidents at the monitored sites and was quoted as being “a significant improvement”

Download the full report here:  Vic Roads Performance Study of HF Surfaces-2005-2008

Recommended Sites

  • School & Pedestrian Crossings
  • Intersections & Roundabouts
  • Tight Radius Corners and Slip Lanes
  • Steep Inclines / Declines
  • Black Spot Locations

Colour samples

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OmniGrip HF - Colours




Omnigrip HF brochure

Omnigrip HF science of skid resistance


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