Meet Omnigrip MMAX®

OmniGrip MMAX® is our newest product. It’s a hybrid that bridges the gap between surface markings and coloured surface treatments by incorporating the use of a unique polymer surfacing resin with Synthite coloured aggregate.  Ideally suited for high traffic areas, rapid placement and high visibility OmniGrip MMAX ® provides unrivalled surface treatment with high performance long term coloured […]

OmniGrip Hf – Bridge Deck Overlay

Recently installed by STS the Allendale Road Bridge in North Eltham has undergone a deck refurbishment seeing the placement of new expansion joint, remedial repairs to the deteriorating concrete deck and a complete new overlay with an OmniGrip HF calcined bauxite  overlay.  Installed with in a single working shift the concrete surface was prepared by […]

OmniGrip HF Safety Improvement Caroline Springs

Installed by STS  in the September School Holiday of 2016 as part of the Melton Council Road Safety Initiative OmniGrip HF has been recently applied to the roundabout about at Caroline Springs Boulevard and  Bellfield Avenue. The OmniGrip HF calcined bauxite overlay is designed to provide maximum surface texture and friction for vehicles travelling through […]

OmniCrete welcomes ASKIL Asia

OmniCrete would like to welcome ASKIL Asia a contractor for Malaysia. We look forward to working with them and are pleased with the works they are doing with our great products. You can check out some of their work below   For further information regarding these or any other works done with OmniCrete Products please Contact […]

Glenferrie Road Cycle Lanes

PROJECT OVERVIEW As part of the City of Boroondara’s Black Spot program for the 2013-2014 financial year, planners developed an innovative re- design for the bicycle lanes along Glenferrie Road to avoid dangerous dooring incidents involving cyclists. The design as approved by Vicroads Metro South East Region includes a strip of OmniGrip CST Green bicycle […]

High Friction Trials, Adelaide, Sth Australia 2008

In February 2008, The Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure along with the Motor Accident Commission commissioned trials of calcined bauxite high friction surfacing overlays at 2 major Adelaide intersections in a bid to cut rear-end crashes and save lives. Installed by local contractor High Friction Surfaces Australia, works encompassed the installation of approximately 2,600 […]

High Friction SouthPort QLD 2008

State Highway 3 encompassing Ferry Road in Southport on the Gold Coast in Queensland is a busy link road for traffic travelling between Burleigh & Southport. With extensive traffic volumes negotiating the down hill approaches to the intersection of Benowa Rd the existing asphalt surface, although in a sound and serviceable condition, had become polished […]

Cycle Lanes – Chandler Hwy, Kew

The Chandler Highway, Kew in Victoria between Princess Street and Yarra Boulevard in both north and south directions form a link in the Principal Bicycle Network between the inner northern and eastern suburbs. It provides the only Principal Bicycle Network (PBN) crossing of the Yarra River between Studley Park Road and Burke Road. The section […]

Cycle Lanes, Inner City Melbourne

As part of the City of Melbourne’s new transport initiative, planners have been exploring better ways to ensure all road users can share our roads safely. As part of this initiative in through out 2007 and 2008 the City of Melbourne have progressively implemented coloured cycle lanes on an number of inner city routes. Installed […]

“Copenhagen” Cycle Lanes, Melbourne

As part of the City of Melbourne’s new transport initiative, planners have been exploring better ways to ensure all road users can share our roads safely. As part of this initiative in 2007 the first Australian “Copenhagen Style” separated bicycle lanes were constructed in Swanston Street, Melbourne. The new cycle separated lanes have been constructed […]