High Friction Trials, Adelaide, Sth Australia 2008

In February 2008, The Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure along with the Motor Accident Commission commissioned trials of calcined bauxite high friction surfacing overlays at 2 major Adelaide intersections in a bid to cut rear-end crashes and save lives.

Installed by local contractor High Friction Surfaces Australia, works encompassed the installation of approximately 2,600 m2 of the OMNIGRIP HF surfacing to the busy intersections at Sturt & Marion Roads in Sturt and in turn the Henley Beach & Holbrook’s Road Junction in Brooklyn Park.

Implemented in as part of a two-year trial to evaluate the effectiveness of improving highway surface friction, the trial involves three road treatments, a calcined bauxite epoxy surface and surface rejuvenating using abrasive shot blasting and by abrasive rotating discs.

In a statement to the press, MAC senior asphalt engineer Hugo van Loon has indicated that the early trial results showed the epoxy treatment offered the best skid resistance stating:-

“The epoxy surface is very angular and provides a greater surface area for tyres to grip than a normal road surface and it takes longer to wear out than the other treatments”

This assessment is further corroborated by the DETI Grip Tester test results which demonstrate the OMNIGRIP HF surfacing has significantly increased both the surface fiction and texture depth levels ultimately providing for reduced braking distances and increased vehicle deceleration in wet weather conditions.

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SKID-RESISTANT road surfaces are being tested at major Adelaide intersections in a bid to cut rear-end crashes and save lives.

The most successful surface tested to date – an aluminium-based epoxy spray – has reduced braking distances by 40 per cent, or 9m, for the average family car travelling at 60km/h…(Read More)

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