Bus Lanes Jiangyin, China

Located on the southern bank of Yangtze River, Jiangyin City is a county level city under the jurisdiction of Wuxi that is one of thirteen prefecture level cities of Jiangsu Province. The rapid economic expansion and industrialization over the past decades has turned the city into a wealthy municipality where the industrial income is becoming prominent. The industrial sectors have gained enormous investments from national and international enterprises which have provided the city with new economic growth and infrastructure development.

With over 100 public bus lines, bus travel has become a priority within Jiangyin. In order to assist bus transit the OMNIGRIP CST coloured surface treatment finished in Green and Yellow Synthite aggregates was specified and installed to 8,500 m2 along the busy Chaoyang Road to improve efficiency, reduce travel times and to provide safe a vivid colour delineation for bus transit movement in both directions

Completed in April 2008 on behalf of Jiangyin Construction Bureau OMNIGRIP CST sets a new standard for the delineation of Bus Lane traffic for both the province and China as a whole.

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