Cycleway Shared Path, Perth WA

In response to a number of complaints over the past 12 months regarding conflict between pedestrians, cyclists and train passengers, Main Roads WA in conjunction with the Public Transport Authority have completed installation of the OMNIGRIP CST surfacing system to the Claisebrook shared pathway overpass to provide better clarity for all users in order to minimise the conflict.

A ‘before’ video survey was carried out as part of the investigation and project development work and it is intended that an ‘after’ video survey will be carried on the completion of the work to assist in assessing the impacts of the treatment on user movements in this area.

Incorporating the unique Synthite coloured aggregate materials and with a projected design life in excess of 10 years, works were completed in June 2008 by Omnicrete accredited contractors Antiskid Industries Pty Ltd and by all reports have provided an immediate safety improvement for cyclists and commuters alike.

Before After

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