Port River Bascule Bridge

Opened to traffic in August 2008 the Tom “Diver” Derrick bridge spaning the Port River in Adelaide is Australia’s first four lane, single leaf highway bascule bridge and being one of very few of its type in the world is a road bridge is of major international engineering significance.

Designed with a bascule centre piece the road bridge is 300m in length with eight fixed spans, a 437m/874 tonne opening span and a 1052 tonne counterweight filled with concrete and steel billets.

Being a bascule bridge with a steel deck of unique design the engineering requirements for a fully trafficable, durable running course was accomplished by the specification and installation of the OmniDeck SDTM 1954 surfacing system to the bascule span encompassing 4 traffic lanes and a pedestrian walkway.

Designed and specified with an expected design life of 25 years or better the OMNIGRIP 1954 polyurethane pavement surface is dressed with 3 mm dark grey Aluminium Oxide aggregate with a polished stone value of >70 providing a waterproof, durable, and skid resistant trafficable pavement surface. In turn the pedestrian walkway has been finished in a 2mm black pepper granite aggregate sourced locally in Adelaide to provide a decorative durable and slip resistant finish.

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Port River Bridge Case Study