High Friction SouthPort QLD 2008

State Highway 3 encompassing Ferry Road in Southport on the Gold Coast in Queensland is a busy link road for traffic travelling between Burleigh & Southport. With extensive traffic volumes negotiating the down hill approaches to the intersection of Benowa Rd the existing asphalt surface, although in a sound and serviceable condition, had become polished resulting in skid resistance levels that warranted investigation and improvement. Subsequently during periods of wet weather increasing numbers of motorists were involved in an increasing number of rear end collision MVA’s.

After extensive consultation with the Main Roads the decision was made in June 2008 to install a calcined bauxite high friction surfacing system. Installed by the accredited contractor, STS Applied Systems, and with a proven design life of over 10 years, the OMNIGRIP HF system has been placed on both the north and south bound approaches to the intersection at Benowa Road providing for improved texture depth and high skid resistance ensuring safe friction levels for all vehicles in all weather conditions.

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