Cycle Lanes – Chandler Hwy, Kew

The Chandler Highway, Kew in Victoria between Princess Street and Yarra Boulevard in both north and south directions form a link in the Principal Bicycle Network between the inner northern and eastern suburbs. It provides the only Principal Bicycle Network (PBN) crossing of the Yarra River between Studley Park Road and Burke Road. The section between Princess Street and Yarra River also links existing and proposed bicycle facilities at Yarra Boulevard (Main Yarra Trail), The Outer Circle Trail and Princess Street. Motorist’s awareness of the presence of cyclists could be improved by dedicated markings on road bicycle lanes. There are a number of recreational cyclists in addition to the commuter cyclists that use this route via existing footpaths to access Yarra Boulevard.

In June 2005 the Coloured Surface Treatment, encompassing the unique Synthite coloured aggregate product was selected and applied to the asphalt road surface by STS to delineate the cycle lanes from vehicle traffic. Vic Roads Metro South East Region, after due consideration of all factors installed green CST treatment to provide visual delineation to motorists and cyclists alike. Each on/off ramp to the Eastern Freeway and high conflict points were coloured in conjunction with appropriate signage to clearly indicate to motorists the presence of cyclists and to complete the vital link in the PBN.

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