StreetScape South Morang, Victoria

Situated in the northern growth corridor of Melbourne, off Plenty Road in the suburb of South Morang, the High View, Bellevue and Stagecoach Estates were constructed in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. As part of the original development printed patterned concrete thresholds were installed by the developer along various streets to impart a village look and improve the general streetscape aesthetics.

In early 2004 after an asset review by the City of Whittlesea the existing concrete thresholds were found to have suffered badly from accelerated wear and had reach the stage where surface replacement was required.

In late 2004 the OmniGrip Deco system encompassing a flexible epoxy resin dressed with red granite aggregate was specified and installed to several sites through out the estates. Installation was undertaken by local contractor, STS and involved the removal of the existing topping, concrete & crack repair followed by the installation of the new surface dressing.


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