High Friction, Melbourne 2005

In August 2005 the Vicroads Metropolitan South East Region embarked upon delivery of the largest high friction surfacing program ever delivered nationally.
Works encompassed the installation of approximately 10,000 m2 of high friction calcined bauxite surfacing over 12 different site locations.

Varying site conditions were evident incorporating intersections, railway crossings and pedestrian crossing approaches. The high friction surface treatments were implemented to improve both the surface texture and surface friction properties which ultimately provided for reduced braking distances and increased vehicle deceleration in wet weather conditions.

Installed by the accredited contractor STS, to newly placed type V designed dense grade asphalt, the OMNIGRIP HF calcined bauxite surfacing system typically increased skid resistance values from the standard asphalt surface with a Sfc of 0.55 (Bpn 58) to a Sfc > 0.90 (Bpn > 94) when tested 6 months after the initial installation.

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